Encountering the Media®: Media Strategies & Techniques
Our brand new 2016 edition is now in! Over 130 pages packed with easy-to-use strategies, tactics and tips on how to communicate more effectively through the media. In this edition, you will learn:


  • how to develop a media strategy
  • How to incorporate social media McLoughlin Wedge®
  • how to bridge over to your message
  • how to structure your answers
  • how to overcome nervousness
  • how to convey confident body language   
  • how to communicate in high-stakes media encounters: interviews, to news conferences, to 'ambushes' etc.

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Overcoming Panic and Fear: Risk and Crisis Communications [130 pages; brand new 2016 Edition!]

  • how to avoid turning an incident into a crisis
  • how to get in the driver's seat of a crisis
  • how to handle media relations in a crisis
  • how to prevent the issue from escalating
  • step-by-step crisis communications strategy
  • handling crisis media interviews, media briefings
  • use of social media in a crisis

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  Stay tuned for our 2017 edition of Getting Your Ideas Across! coming soon! Over 130 pages - with strategies, techniques and skills to make you a powerful public speaker. In this handy and easy-to-use pocket tips book you will learn how to:

  • Overcome the fear of public speaking
  • Communicate confidence in speeches, presentations, panel discussions, debates, committee meetings and more
  • Prepare focused and powerful presentations and speeches
  • Deliver a speech; make a presentation; engage in a committee appearance or debate; communicate effectively in video-conferences or video Skype® calls and much more
  • Deliver from a written text using our unique 'scoop reading' technique, bullet-points, TelePrompter® or off-the-cuff speeches
  • How to deliver a toast or respond to one; how to introduce a speaker; how to deliver into the camera
  • How to utilize audio-visual media to support you
  • How to create and deliver a memorable message